Between Life and Dreams

by Seventh Station

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»Between Life and Dreams« is no doubt a result of an ongoing strong will and wish to give to the listener the need for exploration. In these 65 minutes of devoted progressive metal the listener goes on a musical journey filled with varied musical and lyrical themes that combine in one. The album was produced by Dmitri Alperovich, engineered and mixed by Yonatan Kossov (Orphaned Land, Hummercult, Betzefer, etc.) and was recorded in Israel and United States. Album's artwork was done by painter Gregor Smukovič. The album received good reviews and its live presentation successfully drew the audience in.

»This is a combination of old and new influences, including those from musicians that are classically trained. This results in music that has a lot going on, with so many different styles involved that it would be pointless to try and list them all.« (Wonderboxmetal webzine).

»Many of their creations are inspired from classical music compositions in which they mix their own virtuoso inputs of modern and progressive metal. Believe me, the album will open your ears fully and lead you into the magical world of fantasy between two worlds, the reality and the dreams«. (Paranoid webzine).


released September 7, 2016

Dmitri Alperovich -guitars
Eren Başbuğ - keyboards
Davidavi Dolev - vocals
Alexey Polyansky - bass
Dor Levin - drums

Engineered and mixed by Yonatan Kossov
Master by Michael Fossenkemper


all rights reserved



Seventh Station Slovenia

Seventh Station is an international progressive metal band based in Slovenia.

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Track Name: The Baron's Doubt Pt.1
I live in a castle in the middle of the sea.
The waves are shadowed by fossil walls of siege.
Placid skies are against obscured moon.
In my castle you’ll find a plenty of rooms.
You just need to choose.

If my will is not to enter into dark rooms
I know they still might be real.
If they are standing in front of my eyes
It doesn’t mean I wish to go in.

Choose the black or the white.
Choose the dark or the light.

There has to be something else.

I am in a castle in the silent of the night.
The light is shining in my frigid tired eyes.
Dazzling sunrise is against desolate nightfall.
In my castle you’ll find many outlandish thoughts.
You just need to flow.

I’m setting a course and running amok following the light.
By the coda of the race I’ll see dark defective path.
As I absorb the darkness, filled with fear.
The light escapes and disappears.

Choose the run or the fight.
Choose the day or the night.

Must there be something else?
Track Name: Another Dimension of the Sun
I. The Room

Inner light is the tool.
With my searching hands I’m observing the room.
Half asleep and half tuned.
I wait this liquid minute, soon I'll begin my final rendezvous.

Step by step, the work is done.
The final song has been sung.
Nothing, nothing left to decide.
Mocking the Trinity destroyed by the sun.

As I left the room behind me,
Déjà vu washed my mind momentarily.
Wasted years of brutality, still echoes through me.
Oh the humanity.

II. The Outside Glance

Circling over the ash of a dead ground.
Melted glasses are collided and demised.
Drifting on and on through blood and mud.
I cannot touch my face or God.
Closed my eyes, where am I?

I’m standing between a rock and a hard place.
The one is searching, the other is to bend.
Drops of cold fear are invading into the space.
Storm of a blackened rage is increasing the blame.

“When all is lost then the man awakes”.
“The man’s dream is becoming his nightmare”.
“Just began the therapy slowly, little strokes fell great oaks”.
“Lifted the last piece of the memory, I recall it”.

III. Flashback Memories


IV. Turning Point

The sky has turned its skin and paled.
Shadows have evoked into daylight in the sand.
Still, my silence is like a picture framed with roar.
The moon is gone, the time is moaning.
I’m in another world.

I’m dropped to the edge of insanity.
Lived in a reality with no quality.
I found peace, now I lie in another dimension of the sun.
Track Name: Morning's Silence
Behind a hazily river with frozen minds,
Running a young man’s image, diving into the mark.
Soft and strong, the nature calls.
Half way down, the sun falls.
He stopped to wear serene face.
A graced hero of the land is looking for a miracle to feel again someday.

Night falls with a breezing air.
Fire is burning the last dread.

Come hell or high water.
The pictures are running behind the ocean.
Catch a peaceful fly.
Jump into the dawn.

Morning’s silence came.
His spirit rises again.
Another sunrise of the damn is smiling at the land.

He’s stepping into the might.
Activates his soul and mind.
A ringing bell is tossing the brave heart.

Come hell or high water.
The pictures are running behind the ocean.
Catch a peaceful fly.
Jump into the dawn.

Drop your hatred mask.
Join into the quest.
Find a better way to say I’m not afraid.

Come hell or high water.
The pictures are running behind the ocean.
Catch a peaceful fly.
Jump into the dawn.

Drop your hatred mask.
Join into the quest.
Find a better way to say I’m not the same.
I’ve found another way.
No more fear of the dark.
Track Name: Mirage at Yourself
Sit, listen, try to turn your head to me while I’m speaking.
Don’t rush, just be patient, it’s not as hard as you think.

Remember once you believed I will give up?
Now look at you and tell me if you were right.
Don’t try to run away with all your lies,
Start your change from inside.

Don’t say any well-dressed words, show it to me with your hands.
Your acts make you a dumb ass man, I guess you’ll never understand

Stop preaching me about what is safe and what is not.
Life is just a two side wheel, once you die and once you kill.
Sick of all the wise men who try to prove I’m wrong.
The only way I’ll find my truth is in my heart and in my soul.

Caught me flying in my dream.
Shot me twice between my wings.
Through hell and heaven, now or never, I’ll come to my aim.
You’ll just stay behind to watch me pass the sky and win.

Seize yourself, don’t mirage yourself.
Soon you’ll see, they are not as far as you think.
Track Name: The Edge of the Lake
Riding down the street of the famous sin.
Listening to nothing, no human beings.
Dark and low are my last call.
Took me down, killed my soul.

The air is cold, the dream is gone.
Am I invisible?
Dare to look at myself, I am too old.

The train is late, I still wait.
My hopes are lost in broken rails.
I look at the time, it guides my light.
Throwing myself down and wait to die.

Night falls, I still alive.
No one comes to see the old man.

Twenty years have come and gone.
I have never changed.

Beyond the moistly grass,
There I stopped to rest.
I took a desperate breath,
Staring through her tainted grave.

Pushing myself to the sparks, somewhere far away.
At the edge of the lake, I see her now.
Twenty years, she looks the same.

Closer and closer, tear and fear unite.
She takes my hand slowly.
God, I missed her touch.
At the edge of the lake, I woke up.
Track Name: 13:48
Track Name: Abnormal Circles Doubtful Hour
It’s dangerous to stand against a wall with unstable bricks.
I’m afraid of tearing it down.
It’s dangerous to look into the eyes with serpent’s hypocrisy.
I’m afraid of his constant lies.”

Will I ever solve this mystery?
Hunted by myself for many years.
And I’m wondering about my destiny,
Hidden in some secret number.

Abnormal circles, doubtful hour.
Combined signs, seven on the line.
Dreams of cure, diabolic sigh.
Hopelessness becomes a fight.

I’m taking a step outside to the world I’ve been forced to live in.
I’m watching my mindless time scattered in the wind.
Extended view, untimely dignity.
As I close the door behind, there is a shriek of hilarity.

The sound of a march drum is ticking in my ears.
This parade of madness has been arranged by my fears.
On my knees, time for prey, I’m not saved from myself.
If I keep thinking of it, I would burn in hell.

Would you help me to solve this mystery?
I’m hunted by you for many years.
And you are asking about my destiny.
You’ve turned it into some secret number.

Abnormal circles, doubtful hour.
Counted minutes, unexplained power.
Dawn of morning, crimson sun.
Hatred is burning, evils are going by.

“Hush, hush now, it’s time to be brave”.
I hear him say to me, releases me from the cage.
A moment of silence is spread in the air.
Lining of my shield gets burned so innocent.

Lying on my bed,
Thinking about my day.
One more cigarette.

Getting to the root.
Looking up for clues.
Still, mystery cuts through.

It’s time for me to face it.
It’s time for me to break it.
This time the victory is mine.

At the end, it’s just a weakness, bruised and unexpected.
Hurling from dust till dawn until I see the light.

Abnormal circles, doubtful hour.
Curtain closed, the snow is over.
Descending rain is washing me now.
Hollow days are what left of the time.

“One, three, four, eight…”
“One, three, four, eight…”
“One, three, four, eight…”

Track Name: The Baron's Doubt Pt.2
Must there be something else?

There is a castle in my pensive head.
Each time I try to speak, the door slams in my face.
Shrewd brain is against foolish eyes.
In my head you’ll find lots of doubts.
You just need to decide.

The more I fear getting wrong,
The more I’m away from the right.
The more I seeking truth,
The more I hear just lies.

Choose the wrong or the right.
Choose the truth or the lie.

There has to be something else.

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